Agenda Trade Show

Agenda Long Beach is our flagship show with the most diverse product offering and 750+ brands. Categories include lifestyle, streetwear, contemporary, women’s, accessories, action sports, outdoor, footwear, and both surf and skate hard goods. If you are only able to attend one trade show this year, it should be Agenda Long Beach! Agenda Miami offers a reimagined brand mix that showcases 250+ brands in surf, lifestyle, contemporary, street, and skate in a business-focused setting. Agenda Miami delivers and unique show experience that includes parties, art exhibits, and food with a twist of Miami flavor. And Agenda is a permanent staple in Las Vegas Fashion Market Week, serving as the streetwear, action sports and lifestyle-related extension to the Modern Assembly alliance with 250+ brands. Given the timing and grand scale of Market Week, the shows tend to draw many key media, celebrities, and high-level fashion executives.