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VIRUS Joins Forces with Team USA for the 2016 ISA World Championships in Fiji

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VIRUS is excited to announce the apparel partnership for the USA SUP & Paddleboard Team, who will be representing their country and defend their gold performance at the 2016 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships (WSUPPC), held in Fiji on November 12 – 20, 2016.

The International Surfing Association (ISA) holds this renowned weeklong event that gathers the world’s best SUP and Paddleboard athletes to compete for being the Gold Medal National Team. The event features four disciplines—SUP Surfing, SUP Racing Technical, SUP Racing Distance and Paddleboard Racing Technical and Distance. Within the SUP Racing and Paddleboard disciplines, athletes will be competing in up to three events including the Technical and Distance Races as well as the Paddle Relay.

“We are extremely honored to be able to support the USA SUP & Paddleboard Team and provide them the best and most functional apparel for competition,” said Russell Stone, president of VIRUS. “These are some of our most functional designs and have been stylized for use as team uniform.”

The Aquatic Series, UV ray protected line offers a great option for paddling with the flexibility of the four-way stretch fabric plus compression for recovery. This five-piece collection include the Men’s Airflex Training Short, Men’s Aquatic Long Sleeve Compression V-neck, the Women’s Loose Fit Trace Short and Women’s Stay Cool Data Training Short.

The Men's Airflex Training Short was specifically engineered for the fitness athlete with the special four-way stretch fabric and comfort elastic waistband. The Airflex Training short has moisture wicking properties which ensure that each athlete is kept cool and dry throughout during the wear.


The Men's Aquatic Performance Long Sleeve Compression Paddle Top (H2O3) was made to be used both in and out of water. The BIOCERAMIC™ fabric has been designed to provide natural compounds that release infra-red therapy directly from the fabric. It helps to combat fatigue, reduce inflammation and improves circulation among other things.

The Women's Loose Fit Trace Training short was thoughtfully created to enhance maximum performance in functional training. The pattern allows flexible movement for all athletes and eliminates the restriction of leg movement.

The Women’s Data Training Shorts has been designed with the popular COOLJADE™ fabric. It allows for targeted compression, reduces inflammation and improves circulation plus offers quick dry wicking away moisture and sweat.

“We encourage all athletes in these sports to try these pieces out firsthand for their everyday workout or competition,” said Stone.

For more information about VIRUS or view the full collections, visit or find them on Facebook.



Founded in 2010, VIRUS uses the most advance fabric technology to create athletic apparel that elevates athletic ability to the highest potential.  Using the earth’s natural resources, VIRUS created fabrics that provide ultimate cooling, warming, and recovery benefits.  Paired with an innovative anatomical design, compression technology, and revolutionary comfort and feel, one can have the confidence of knowing that they are wearing the best athletic apparel to support their passion.

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