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Rastaclat Making a Mark on Accessories Space

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  • Rastaclat Partner/COO Eileen Szymanski Chen and Founder/CEO Daniel Kasidi - Photo courtesy of Rastaclat
  • Rastaclat young women's - Photo courtesy of Rastaclat
  • Rastaclat has a collaboration with the NBA - Photo courtesy of Rastaclat
  • An example of the NBA collaboration - Photo courtesy of Rastaclat
  • Breast cancer awareness bracelets - Photo courtesy of Rastaclat
  • Team Rider Nick Tucker - Photo courtesy of Rastaclat
  • Rastaclat skate - Photo courtesy of Rastaclat
  • A classic Rastaclat piece with palm print - Photo courtesy of Rastaclat
  • Rastaclat brand imagery - Photo courtesy of Rastaclat

Founded on the virtues of righteousness and positivity, Rastaclat is making a mark on the accessories market. 

With collaborations with everyone from the NBA to Mountain Dew and Penny Skateboards, Rastaclat’s braided shoelace bracelets and message of doing good for yourself and others seems to be resonating.

We spoke with Daniel Kasidi, Founder and CEO of Rastaclat, about why he started the brand, lessons he has learned with the business, where he hopes Rastaclat will be in five years and more.

Why did you start the company? What opportunity in the market did the team see to launch a brand like Rastaclat?

Daniel Kasidi:  I started Rastaclat because I truly wanted to multiply the emotional sensation of Spreading Positive Vibrations throughout the globe. To inspire different cultures with our mantra that crosses all language, socio-economic and racial barriers.


From a business standpoint, I saw a need in the marketplace for positivity where negativity and rebellion was the norm within skateboarding, art, sports and street culture.

From that mission, I had a unique idea for a product category that had been often dismissed and overlooked as a branded product with a purpose.

I saw that opportunity to take my love of sports and fashion to brand our bracelets and transform them into a canvas of storytelling -- after all, what you wear on your wrist says a lot about you and what you believe in.

What kind of retailers carry the brand? What is the largest account?

Daniel Kasidi:  We have a wide range of retailers Spreading Positive Vibrations with us in the markets of skate, sneaker, sports and lifestyle from online, mom and pop, majors and key image accounts throughout the more than 50 countries we distribute to.


We’ve had a long and exceptional history with Zumiez, and to this day they remain one of our most loyal partnerships because their buyers and associates believe in our mission and live the message every day on the sales floor. They have seen tremendous growth and sustainability because of this commitment.

As we continue to grow, our partnerships with Finish Line within the expansion of sneaker retailers, and Fanatics within sports licensing, will develop to be key partners in diversifying our retail presence.

How many employees do you have?

Daniel Kasidi:  We currently have 22 amazing employees in-house, more than 15 distributors, and a handful outside sales rep teams.

However, our team – which we call the PRIDE – consists of everyone involved in the movement, from our internal team to our support across the globe. Their passion, standard of excellence, and dedication to our mission has been paramount in building our movement worldwide.

Without our staff and partners internally and externally we wouldn’t be where we are today. They deserve a great deal of recognition.

How do you segment the product line? What are the price points?

Daniel Kasidi:  To understand our product segmentation strategy it’s important to understand that essentially we target our product lines into different markets/cultures: skate, sneaker, sports licensing, and young women’s.

From that basis we segment our product line into different style offerings:

The Patented Classic Bracelet is timeless design that fits into the everyday lives of skate and sneaker culture. It also serves as the silhouette that tells the NBA story through the celebration of the virtues of Pride, Righteousness, Integrity, Determination and Excellence within every athlete. Additionally it’s a cornerstone for our Banding Together collection for Breast Cancer in which 100% of our proceeds of sales are donated.

Bound by a single knot, the patented Knotaclat Bracelet represents the way in which the past and future are intertwined, providing a silhouette for the more elevated, mature consumer within the upper echelon of our demographic.

The patented Miniclat is a slim-fit take on the Classic Bracelet for smaller wrists that bridges the gap to serve young women who resonate with our message and live the Clatlife culture.

Where do you want Rastaclat to be in five years?

Daniel Kasidi:  I want Rastaclat to be the brand that is the symbol of positivity that inspires all cultures by living it and participating in charitable efforts and storytelling.

We look to continue to trail blaze the category by creating timeless accessories that will stand the test of time with a growing focus on young women. We aim to continue to globalize the brand through emerging markets with developed partnerships and direct-to-consumer expansion.

The acquisition of licenses such as Sanrio and various sports leagues are key initiatives that will enable Rastaclat to garner wider reach of consumers and distribution partners. The world is in constant change. We look to remain nimble and a few steps ahead to innovate and create value around the needs of our core customers.


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