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Photos from the 28th Annual Waterman's Ball

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  • Ethan Tenore, Artist Doug Aitken, Surfer/Photographer Danny Fuller, and Pat Tenore of RVCA
  • Honorees Herbie Fletcher, Cyrill Gutsch, Bethany Hamilton, Fernando Aguerre
  • SIMA Environmental Fund President Paul Naude
  • Abbie and Eric Crane of Electric
  • Todd Roberts of ZJ Boarding House and Allison Roberts of Billabong
  • RVCA Global GM Kevin Meehan and wife, Andrea
  • Jeff Booth of Sanuk with Gerry Lopez and Rainbow Sandals owner Sparky Longley
  • Hallie Palladini and Vans President Doug Palladini
  • Ryan Hurley of Hurley
  • Cheri Hamilton, the mom of Bethany Hamilton, Linda Gibson, Rip Curl USA CEO Kelly Gibson, and Tom Hamilton, Bethany's father
  • Dibi and Nathan Fletcher
  • Mitch Varnes, Dave Gilovich of Surfline, and Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree Herbie Fletcher
  • Monica Wise and Debby Martin of L*Space
  • Shannan North of Billabong and wife, Sonia, with Mike Wallace of Billabong and wife, Katie
  • Robert Gerard of FSG Lawyers with son, Noah, and surfer Ian Walsh
  • Honoree Fernando Aguerre with wife Florencia Gomez Gerbi
  • Mandy Fry of Amuse Society, Curt Fry of Kreed and Crush, Andrea Harvey, and Rip Curl's Paul Harvey
  • Karen Sarver of Stokehouse and Roy Turner of Surf Expo
  • Eric Thomas and Jaclyn Schroeder of RVCA, Mike Carter of Agenda
  • Team Roxy: Yvonne Clements, Lindsey Clancy, Sasha Hartloff, Kiki Prince
  • Joy Sullivan and Wells Fargo's Kevin Sullivan
  • Tania Slater and Rip Curl's Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Dylan Slater
  • Bob Graff of Graffy Inc. and Tom Ruiz of Salty Crew
  • Dac Clark of L*Space and wife, Donna
  • Shaun Moody of O'Neill with wife, Katie, Courtney Kincaid of O'Neill with wife, Racheal, and Brent Lantz of Volcom
  • Don Juncal and Nick Lhotsky of Obey and Paul Carr of L*Space
  • Kelly Carter and Agenda's Mike Carter
  • Faye Fredericks and Vicki Redding of Vans and Robert Redding
  • Kim and Michael Tomson, Steve Ward of O'Neill, and Donna Ward
  • Reef's Mike Matey and wife, Amy
  • Kathi Tinkess and Roark's Mark Tinkess
  • Bahara Stapelberg and Graham Stapleberg of the WSL
  • Laylan Connelly Perino of the Orange County Register and Jon Perino of GrindTV
  • Simon Dufour of Moss Adams and wife Shaye, with Frank Kaufman of Moss Adams
  • Steve Culley and Rip Curl COO Diem Culley
  • Bryan Friedman of FSG Lawyers and ISA President Fernando Aguerre
  • Team O'Neill: Joe Brown, Cedar Carter, Shaun Moody, Katie Moody, Racheal Kincaid, Courtney Kincaid
  • Lisa Spatz and Reef President Roger Spatz
  • Christine Warren of Agenda and Nano Tissera
  • Ted Li and Fuzzy Schroeder of Quiksilver
  • Rick Irons of Dragon, Mark Weber of Billabong, Zach Boon of Surfline
  • Jeremy Schluntz of TEN with Dragon's Liam Barrett, Rick Irons and Anthony Clark
  • Incipio VP of Sales Strategy Erik Paulsen, VP of Finance Jeff Buhrman and CEO Andy Fathollahi
  • Herewith Co-Founder Randy Hild, former SIMA Waterman of the Year Walter Hoffman, and Wayne Schafer
  • Tim Morse of Richer Poorer and Rod Tomlinson of Surf Expo
  • Celeste and Richard Sanders of Stokehouse
  • Hurley VP/GM Bob Coombes and Zach Boon of Surfline
  • Crystal Ventura of Mazda with Rainbow Sandals VP Jack Robbins
  • Cyrill Gutsch, Honoree and CEO/Founder of Parley for the Oceans with Operations Director Mike Long
  • Chris O'Connor of Savilis Studley and Isabella Davidson
  • Jack and Steve Gerard of Creatures of Leisure and Otis Eyewear
  • Alice O’Connor, Executive Director Paso Pacifico Sarah Otterstrom, Robert McClatchy, and Robert Fasulo, Executive Director of the International Surfing Association
  • Laurie and Glenn Brumage of the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center with Surfline's Director of Editorial Dave Gilovich
  • Pete Stauffer of the Surfrider Foundation with Taya Lazootin, President of the Board of the San Diego Coastkeeper
  • Seymour Marine Discovery Center Director Julie Barrett Heffington and Tim Barrett Heffington
  • Mike Marriner and Daniel Howard of Gate 5 Energy Partners
  • Oakley Sales Rep Andrew Pate with wife Tamsin

The industry turned out for the 2017 Waterman’s Ball Saturday at The Ranch in Laguna Beach.

The event raised money to support 19 ocean environmental organizations and is spearheaded by the SIMA Environmental Fund.

This year’s honorees included Waterman of the Year Bethany Hamilton, Environmentalist of the Year Cyrill Gutsch, and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Herbie Fletcher.

SIMA also recognized Fernando Aguerre, President of the International Surfing Association, with a special award for his tireless – and successful – quest to get surfing into the Olympics.

We have photos from the evening above in our slide show.





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