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Photos From Poler's Anniversary Party

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  • Poler set up one of its tents at the entrance to the store. Shop-eat-surf photos.
  • Shoppers can pick up a beach towel in the surf section of the store.
  • Brandon Smith, Store Manager & Marketing Coordinator, in the succulent garden he tends with pride.
  • Shoppers checking out the small gear and accessories in the lower level of the store.
  • The entire line is merchandised in life-like displays for a more interactive shopping experience.
  • The lounge area where shoppers can hang out and play jenga.
  • Seea brought in a VW Beetle and a variety of art for its pop-up shop.
  • The Seea pop-up shop on the top floor of the store.
  • Seea Swim set up a sewing station as part of its pop-up experience.
  • A local shaper is brought in during each event.
  • The surf section fully equipped with decorative beach towels and Mizu water bottles.
  • Poler surf ambassador Trevor Gordon
  • Guests hanging out in the revolving pop-up lounge set up by Seea Swimwear.
  • Guests enjoyed Saint Archer beer in the large ocean-view outdoor garden.

Poler Outdoor Stuff celebrated the 1-year anniversary of its Laguna Beach flagship location on Saturday.

Laguna locals came out to enjoy beer from Saint Archer Brewery and ice cream from Salt and Straw.

The store provides an interactive retail environment with the entire line of products set up how they are meant to be used. 

The top floor features a revolving pop-up, now featuring Seea Swimwear, who brought in a variety of ocean-centric art and a vintage VW Beetle. 

Visitors are encouraged to hang out in the lounge areas or ocean-view succulent garden.

There is also an art gallery and shaping room where surfboard shaping classes are offered. 

Poler said it aims to spawn creativity and engage with customers on a deeper level with a fresh take on retail.



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