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New Footwear Company Launches in National Retailers

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Cords Footwear and Gigi Sandals recently landed accounts with specialty retailers Zumiez and Tilly's. Launching in major retailers gives both brands solid footing to gain market share more quickly than standard startups.

"We are excited to enter the market with a presence in these retailers because they are exceptional at what they do." Gene Piccotti, Gigi and Cords CEO and founder, said. "It's a perfect fit for us."

Piccotti, who previously directed footwear sales for Volcom and Quiksilver, said his market strategy is to stick to the fundamentals.

"Staying on trend, and focusing on quality and price is what we're all about," Piccotti said. "Our small, highly experienced team was built to be extremely agile, which allows us to respond quickly to trends and go to market with new, innovative designs."

Piccotti said that his goal is to aggressively increase market share with the right retail partners.

"It's important for us to be in retailers where we fit," Piccotti said. "Our customers are discriminating, they want brands that aren't oversaturated and they seek out unique retail experiences. We are about meeting those customers' needs while helping our retailer partners increase their bottom line."

Cords entered the market this holiday season with a nationwide slipper program at Tilly's.  Sandals, for both Cords and Gigi will launch in Tilly's and Zumiez in Spring 2017.


Based in Laguna Beach, California, Cords Footwear and Gigi Sandals operate under the parent company Adrenaline Source, LLC, founded and owned by Gene Piccotti.



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