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Morro Bay Skateboard Museum Solicits Support

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The Morro Bay Skateboard Museum opened in July of 2012. Our mission is to share skateboarding’s history and culture with all ages of skateboarders as well as the general public. The Museum is staffed by founder and curator, Jack Smith, and docent Eric Terhorst.
During our almost five years of operation we've had thousands of people from all over the world visit the museum. Many of these visitors have told us they made a special trip to Morro Bay just to see the museum. Our visitors include older skaters who enjoy the opportunity to re-visit and share their skateboarding days with family and friends. We also provide an educational experience for younger skaters who are unfamiliar with skateboarding's long and colorful history. 

While there are many incredible private collections of skateboards and skateboarding memorabilia, there are very few places where the public can view skateboarding history so openly. One of the largest of these collections is at Skatelab in Simi Valley, California. Owned by Todd Huber, the Skatelab collection contains over 5,000 boards and a plethora of skateboarding memorabilia. The Morro Bay Skateboard Museum is fortunate to have a great relationship with Skatelab; a number of the boards on display at our museum are on loan from Skatelab’s collection.

We are also working with a growing number of private collectors such as Stephen Pizzo, Greg Hagewood, Dennis Allgeier and Daniel Perkins who are willing to loan the museum portions of their collections for extended periods of time. Legendary skateboarders such as Stacy Peralta, Eddie Elguera, Patti McGee and the Logan Family have graciously loaned the museum historical skateboards and memorabilia. The museum has also received donations of skateboards and skateboard related items from individuals who have visited the museum.

Since opening in July of 2012, the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum has done some type of event for “Go Skateboarding Day.” This year we have decided to combine Go Skateboarding Day, on June 21st, with a fundraiser for the museum…we’re calling it the “Morro Bay Skateboard Museum Skate-A-Thon”.

So here’s how it works, we are inviting skaters from all over the world to sign up on our Skate-A-Thon page and then reach out to your friends and family to make a pledge in your name. They can make a pledge per mile for each mile that you skate, or make a flat rate donation if you will be skating at your local skatepark or favorite skate spot on June 21st - Go Skateboarding Day. 


To Donate:

If you are unable to participate as a rider, but would like to make a pledge, you can do so by going to and clicking “Donate.”

To Participate:

Please click this link, it will take you to the sign up page:

Once you’ve created your profile you can then share the link to your page with family and friends so that they may make a pledge in your name, or they can also sign up as participants and help raise funds themselves. The more participants we have, the more funds we raise. The great thing is you don’t have to go out and collect the donations yourself because everything is collected online! 


Watch this video tutorial on how to share with friends and family:

There’s even “thank you gifts” for skaters that reach these levels (one gift per participant):

$75 - Museum Tee 

$150 - Museum Hoodie 

$300 - Set of Kryptonics Star*Trac Wheels 

$500 - SkateWarehouse Complete Skateboard 

$750 - Sector 9 Mini Lookout Bamboo Complete or comparable.

There will also be challenges for raffle tickets along the way and you can win a $150 Amazon Gift Card! Please text the number 81010 and write @mbska to receive challenges.

Other Ways To Help:

If you are unable to contribute financially help us get the word out by making some noise about our campaign. Share this email with your friends and/or post the link to the campaign on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. Encourage your friends to visit the museum in person.        

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