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Globe Opens First Store in U.S.

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  • The new Globe store is in the heart of Hermosa Beach
  • Photo courtesy of Globe
  • Photo courtesy of Globe
  • Photo courtesy of Globe
  • Photo courtesy of Globe

Globe has opened its first store in the U.S. in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

We asked CEO Matt Hill some questions about the new store, and if the brand has a retail strategy for this region.

The store is on Pier Avenue in the heart of Hermosa Beach.

Why is Globe opening a store in the U.S.?

Globe CEO Matt Hill: For some years now, we’ve wanted to open a U.S store to have one our flagship “Cabin” stores here in the States to match the branded presence in the other regions. 


The stores give us a chance to demonstrate the brand identity and products in a very pure way that we can’t expect our third party retailers to be able to do.

Also, for products or marketing that foreshadows where we see the brand or market going, we can use the stores to present those initiatives.

Finally, the stores give us a place to have real contact with our end consumer that we can’t get through other means of selling or communication.  We want the stores to help immerse the brand into communities where we sell, and to provide real brand identity in a human way.

For all these reasons, with the U.S being the only key region we did not have a store, it has been on our radar to open a store here when the right opportunity came up. We are very patient with our retail stores.  Since it is not part of a specific growth strategy, we tend to identify where we might like a store from a branded perspective, and then will wait for the right opportunity to come up in terms of location, building vibe and branded presence for the store.



Why does this location in Hermosa Beach work?

Matt Hill: Quite simply Hermosa and the South Bay in Los Angeles are home.  When we first came to Los Angeles to set up our operation 22 years ago, we looked around and developed a real affinity with Hermosa and the South Bay. We set up our small, two man show here in 1995 and as we’ve grown and moved operations we have always remained in the South Bay.

For our first retail store in the USA we wanted to be sure we gave it the attention needed and also ensure that it had a really good community feel.  Hermosa is a town we know and are physically present in.  Hermosa allows us to play an instinctive game as we develop the store, but it’s also a place where we have really extended roots in the community.

We set the store up with a small gallery space, which allows us to have rotating exhibitions and a space for events and local activations of branded programs.  These are all things that the Hermosa community really values and supports.  It will be fun in Hermosa!

How many stores does Globe have globally?

Matt Hill: There are 10 Globe branded Cabin stores around the world.  All the stores are in locations that have cultural relevance to the brand and what it stands for and the lifestyles Globe represents.

In Australia, we have stores in St Kilda Melbourne, Bondi Beach Sydney, Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, and Torquay.

In Europe, there are two stores in the Southwest of France around the Hossegor area.  And in Asia, there are two stores in Bali, and one just opened in Hong Kong.

Most of the stores are company-owned and run but the Asian stores are third party-owned.

Do you see Globe opening more stores in this region?

Matt Hill: Over time we might open some more stores, but before you ask, this is not part of a “retail” strategy for us or larger retail roll out.

We still value our retailer partnerships and don’t see a need to compete with our own customers!  The store openings have happened slowly and organically for us and in places where we hope to add to the brand presence and create energy for the brand and the neighborhoods we are located in. 


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