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Shop-eat-surf in 2017 completed our 10th year delivering business news and information to executives at brands, retailers, and service firms around the globe.

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Our Staff

Tiffany Montgomery is our founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief.

  • Tiffany covers surf, skate, active & swim wear and related brands, retailers, and executives.
  • You can email her story ideas and press releases.

Andrew Horan is the company president.

  • Andrew oversees our business-side teams in advertising, Industry Careers leadership job listings, Executive Edition and daily eNewsletter customer service, and technology. Please email him with your questions, problems, concerns, and suggestions.

Ginny Mumm is our marketing writer, working with service firms to post their content marketing items

  • You can email her for questions about the industry Insight page.

Caroline King is our account executive for our Industry Careers leadership jobs listing section.

  • You can email her to post your listings and learn more about rates and plans.

Our story…

Tiffany launched in August 2007 to share the action sports industry news she was finding after taking a voluntary buyout at the Orange County Register to spend more time with her young son. She worked there 10 years as a reporter and editor.

Andrew joined in April 2008 after a long career in newspaper reporting, editing, and management.

We strive to post at least one story and multiple industry press releases every business day, usually delivered to eNewsletter subscribers’ inboxes in the early a.m. The feedback on the site has been gratifying, and propels us out of bed early each morning to tackle the next story.

Readers have asked a lot of questions about the site. Here’s more information:

The goal
To provide a daily news service for action sports executives. Using our skills as a professional business journalists and editors, we tailor our content to provide timely news and insights for this fast-moving and unique industry.

Our backgrounds
Tiffany worked as a print journalist for 13 years, mostly at the Orange County Register. Thanks to technology, she was able to utilize her journalism skills online to launch her own venture.

She enjoys writing and learning about how people follow their passions to build multi-million- and multi-billion-dollar, global companies from the ground up.

While she launched the site on her own, the team has grown to include Andrew Horan; Magda Hernandez, who posts press releases to our Industry Releases section; Ginny Mumm, a copy editor who also oversees our content marketing on the Industry Insight page; Sarah Brown-Cohen, who splits her time between covering swim and providing customer service to our members; and Caroline King, account executive for our Industry Careers leadership job listings section.

The Shop-Eat-Surf name

Tiffany originally thought she would write about her three reporting specialties – the business of restaurants, retail and surf brands. The positive response from the action sports industry led her to narrow the focus to provide the most complete report.

Executive Edition
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Independent news source
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Beyond the press release
Lots of sites run press releases. We try to add value as much as possible. Usually, that means asking more questions or striving for additional business insight.

Submit your press release
We run lots of press releases, too, in our Industry Releases section. A few guidelines: Please send us your release in a Word document or in the body of your email, along with your photos. Please be sure to identify the people in the photos you send, so they’re easily found in our photo search tool.

Reader posts
We are always open to reader feedback. We’ll listen to anybody’s ideas, suggestions and vents. But we try to have an even-handed, measured tone on the site. We don’t like mean-spirited, anonymous postings – even if it drives traffic. The goal is to provide straight-ahead reporting.

We offer sponsorships to companies serving the action sports industry, but we do not accept sponsorships from brands or retailers in the sector, to avoid potential or perceived conflicts between sponsorship and stories on the site.

Sponsorships are branding opportunities. They keep your business name, products, and services in front of our audience of influential, affluent, coastal executives and entrepreneurs.

You can request a media kit by emailing Shop-eat-surf president Andrew Horan or calling him at 949-351-8676.

E-mail lists
We do not share or sell our e-mail lists.

Story ideas
E-mail Tiffany at with ideas and tips about surf, skate, snow, swim & active wear, and related brands, retailers, and executives.

Please keep in mind this is a business news website so we are always looking for a business angle. We also love scoops!

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