2019 Finds Commercial and Residential Real Estate Owners Under New Laws and Regulations


By Procopio Attorneys Sara G. Neva, Justine K. Nielsen, Kia R. Brady, Erica Kristen Lee, and Hazel Ocampo G.

State and local lawmakers and regulators in California were busy in 2018, and as such there are about a dozen new statutes and regulations critical to owners of commercial and multi-resident real estate as well as common interest communities.

From building inspections to wetlands regulations, and from landlord-tenant issues to parking regulations, parties affected by these new statutes and regulations will want to ensure they remain in compliance with the law.

That’s why Procopio’s Real Estate and Environmental Team has assembled this list of statewide changes to real estate, leasing, common interest development, and environmental law, as well as land-use updates in the City and County of San Diego.

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