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Executive Edition

The new owner of Flip Flop Shops and the Tony Hawk Brand updated the market on expansion strategies during an earnings conference call Thursday

Also, details about the company's request for incentive and retention payments for key employees

We talked to brand executives to see how they have been managing to sell PacSun without getting stuck with too much bad debt. Plus, what brands think of PacSun's vow to pay vendors in full and an update on PacSun's bankruptcy case.

Details about how much PacSun owes industry brands, including some surprises about which brands are not on the list of top unsecured creditors

In court documents, PacSun outlines why it filed for bankruptcy. One of the many reasons it listed jumps out, at least when it comes to the action sports world.

In an interview, CEO Gary Schoenfeld tells SES about the bankruptcy plan, which calls for Golden Gate Capital to become the majority owner of the retailer, and for unique vendor payment terms to preserve brand relationships.

We stopped by Tilly’s, Nordstrom and PacSun on Saturday afternoon, the day before Easter, to see how spring break shopping was unfolding and to check out the merchandise mix in stores.

Safilo provided lots of details about Smith's performance and plans during a 2015 review, including the quest to get Smith to think beyond "their tribe" while remaining authentic. Plus, Smith's impressive e-commerce number.

It’s been a big year for Spiritual Gangster, the rapidly growing maker of yoga-inspired apparel, which has moved its corporate headquarters to Orange County.

Executives detailed several initiatives to boost results at the important industry retailer during an earnings call Thursday afternoon, including greatly slowing new store growth.