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Vans Beefs Up Marketing for Triple Crown of Surfing

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  • One of several new events is the Duct Tape Festival - the shapers participating are crossed out on the flyer to keep the names a mystery until closer to the event

Vans is adding new marketing activations to the 2017 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing on the North Shore of Oahu.

We spoke with Vans Surf Senior Marketing Manager Scott Sisamis about the new additions to the Triple Crown marketing plan.

“We’ve been involved in the Triple Crown for 20-something years, and have seen a bunch of changes,” Scott said. “The WSL has done an awesome job with competitive surfing but the title race has overshadowed the Triple Crown. A very select few people have won it. We wanted to take the reins and invest in activations that will re-energize and drive the importance of the Triple Crown.”

The events are also aimed at recognizing the importance of Hawaii and the pilgrimage of surfers to the North Shore during the six-week Triple Crown season.

The newest events are the Duct Tape Skate Jam and Duct Tape Festival.

Vans partnered with Spitfire Wheels on the Duct Tape Skate Jam, which will be on Dec. 3 at the Banzai Skate Park. Guests will have the chance to skate with Vans team riders Nathan Fletcher and Ivan Florence.

“The skate jam celebrates the relationship between surfing and skating that exists at Vans,” Scott said.


The Duct Tape Festival on Dec. 7 will be the first one held on the North Shore. Four creative board shapers commissioned by Vans and well known to surfing culture will showcase their boards. The names of the shapers will be revealed to the public on the day of the event. Guests will have the opportunity to test out the boards and interact with the shapers.

“Vans created these interactive experiences to remove the barrier between the athletes and the community and to inspire people to try something if they have an idea,” Scott said.

Other events include Talk Story with Randy Rarick, an art show featuring North Shore artist Steven Kean, two movie premieres, and the Vans BBQ.

All events promote sustainability and were designed to be minimally impactful.

“Giveaways from Hydro Flask, limiting plastic usage, and finding ways to refill water are a reminder to everyone that reusable is the way to go,” Scott said.


Each event will have food and giveaways, are open to the community and welcome guests of all ages.


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