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Sponsors is the leading site for independent, professional business news about the action sports industry.

We can build you a custom marketing plan or offer you one of our ready-to-display plans, all of which deliver our audience of executives at action sports wholesale and retail companies to you. Or you can select one of our 3 "self-serve" options using the tool you'll find below, at the bottom of this page. is growing: We've recorded year-on-year gains in key audience metrics every month since we launched.

  • Boutique readership: 30,000+ monthly unique visitors through Q2 2013, up vs our 2012 average.
  • Premium audience: 48% of our core readers are in key leadership roles at their companies.
  • Thorough reach: 2,100+ companies are represented in our core audience.
  • Big exposure: 800,000+ monthly average impressions on sponsor banners through Q2 2013, up vs our 2012 average.


  • Please click here to request our current media kit

    Our sponsorships plans help you build your exposure and awareness with action sports wholesale and retail companies, and support the efforts of your direct sales team.

  • We'll build a custom plan to match your marketing goals and budget, using a mix of our sponsor tools to give you the right balance of exposure, targeting and ad spend.
  • Or, select from one of our four "Ready-to-Display" plans that bundle different tools at attractive rates.
  • Or, try our "self-serve" option available for 3 web banner positons -- more details below, at the bottom of the page.
    We offer a full suite of tools to keep your business in front of our audience of action sports executives:

  • Web display banners in 6 different positions and price points
  • Email marketing positions in the free daily alert sent to thousands of opt-in industry subscribers each business day
  • Live event sponsorships at our Executive Roundtable and other events that bring industry leaders together to be inspired by the success stories of top performers
  • Professional Service Directory listings to put your business name and description in a handy reference tool so our readers can find you when they want to reach you.
    Sponsors who select qualifying custom or ready-to-display plans can speak directly to our audience with regular postings to our Industry Insight page. These 250-word pieces are a perfect opportunity to reinforce your expertise, tell your story and share your business knowledge with industry leaders. Not included in the self-serve options.

    Our high-impact, low-cost option to put your message in front of our audience. These are 50-word descriptions of your company, plus a square image of your logo and links to your web site. We randomly serve 2 listings to every page opened by readers.

    Several times a year, we bring together action sports executives and entrepreneurs to hear from industry leaders who discuss building, growing and leading their businesses during a live conversation with Shop-eat-surf Founder Tiffany Montgomery.

    We offer 3 different sponsorship levels and each includes seats to the event and mixers, ad space in our print program and use of your logo in all marketing before, during and after each Roundtable.

    Custom plans start with a 13-week minimum commitment, and offer discounts up to 20% off full rate for long-term and package sponsorships. Ready-to-display plans bundle your choice of 4-week web banner or email marketing display with a 52-week Directory listing and one Executive Edition membership, at an introductory 10% discount.

    Contact Andrew Horan for rates and a media kit.

    We offer sponsorships to the professional service and vendor companies who do business with action sports wholesale and retail companies. We do not accept sponsorships from brands or retailers in the sector, to avoid potential or perceived conflicts between sponsorships and stories on the site.

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    Click here to read more about site founder and CEO Tiffany Montgomery and why she launched in August 2007.