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SOLID Sun and Skin Care Line Debuts

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SOLID’s Revolutionary Sun and Skin Care Line Debuts; Co-Founder Paddles Solo from Catalina Island to Newport Beach in Pre-Launch Product Test

Solid Sun Logistics has introduced a pioneering sun and skin care product line developed for the community of active, environmentally conscious outdoor-enthusiasts. A lifelong surfer and sailor, Solid Sun Logistics CEO Thomas Bissell wanted a far more user-friendly and effective sunscreen than what was available.

He amassed a small but brilliant team who shared his passion for the ocean and outdoors, as well as his vision for what would become Solid Sun Logistics.

They discovered that their fellow water and outdoor enthusiasts did as well. Their sunscreen wish list went from micro (doesn’t sting your eyes, doesn’t leave you looking completely white, doesn’t get your board greasy) to macro (harmless to the planet while it maximally protects and nourishes the skin).

“You can’t be out in the water as much as my friends and I are and not be concerned about the sun’s damaging properties,” says Bissell, who two years ago began his quest to create the best sun care product on the market.


He and his M.D. wife worked with a lab to conduct extensive small-batch experiments with the all-natural ingredients essential for providing the desired protective barrier. Critically, they eliminated the harsh chemicals common in most sunscreens: bad for the body, bad for the ocean and reefs. Product users providing feedback during the process of perfecting the formulas were surfers, sailors, skiers and mountain climbers.

The weekend before the product launch, following final FDA approval for the entire line, Bissell performed his own test. He paddled his SUP from Catalina Island to Newport Beach, a solo feat that took just over eight hours.

“It was grueling,” he says. “But I applied Solid Conscious Sunscreen SPF 50 once before I started and once halfway through. I was out on the open ocean for an entire day and didn’t get any burn. It was Solid’s baptism by fire, and I knew then with zero question what I was introducing to the marketplace.”

The Solid Sun Logistics flagship product line is an innovative, three-step integrated skin care system that includes a 100% mineral-based sunscreen and sunscreen stick (Step 1), an exfoliating face wash and body wash (Step 2), and a repairing lotion (Step 3).

As a complete sun care brand, Solid offers recycled polyester UPF shirts and has plans to expand in both the UPF apparel and sun care-related cosmetic markets. Five percent of all sales go directly to ocean and environmental-based NPOs.


Solid Sun Logistics is a company founded by Thomas Bissell, Florian Mitzscherlich, and the creative team of Taylor Cotton, Dougie Mann and Xavi Colombi of the Newport Beach creative agency Scout There.

For more information and photos, please contact Thomas Bissell.

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