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Jetty Rock Foundation Hits on Hurricane Relief, Education and Environment

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The Jetty Rock Foundation (JRF), an approved 501(C)3 charitable organization and the nonprofit arm of the Jetty brand, continues to pursue its mission to enhance business, arts, the environment, and culture for the Future Leaders of our community. In addition to the completion of several donations in response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, the Jetty Rock Foundation has launched year #3 of the Future Leaders Entrepreneurship Program, executed the 8th Annual Community Bridge Walk, increased awareness of The Oyster Farmers through multiple screenings, and piloted their Oyster Recycling Program.  Jetty's 2017 charitable initiatives and events have allowed them to donate in excess of $105,000 this year!  Jetty has become a Certified B Corporation due to their deep devotion to social and environmental causes.  

Hurricane Relief - After Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area, Jetty began collecting supplies with their Houston Essentials Drive.  Before the operating team could even organize and ship the supplies, Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean and Florida.  A total of (7) pallets of clothing, toiletries, food, tools, and baby items were shipped to current Jetty retailers in Islamorada (FL), Naples (FL), and Corpus Christi (TX). Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria followed shortly thereafter causing further disaster.  Jetty, along with community partners, initiated a first-time event, The Rum-raiser, which brought the LBI Region together to raise funds.  An unforgettable Wednesday night (after the Summer season) produced in excess of $20,000!  A sum of $10,000 was quickly sent to Waves for Water's Caribbean Hurricane Relief initiative, an entrusted cause thanks to founder Jon Rose's heavy involvement in NJ & NY after Superstorm Sandy.  The remaining funds will be used to continue to send aid to the Caribbean.

Education - Jetty CEO Jeremy DeFilippis spoke to two Entrepreneurship elective classes at Southern Regional HS on October 2nd to explain the premise of Jetty's Future Leaders Program, an initiative now entering its third year.  The business-focused students will compete on a section vs. section level to design, produce, market, and sell Jetty Rock Foundation based garments.  Jetty will assist in the process, visit the sections monthly, fund the garments, and support the ultimate goal of raising additional funds for the JRF.  Students will gain hands-on experience from Jetty as well as the life cycle of the products that they create.  An underlying goal of the program is also to teach the young entrepreneurs about Paying it Forward.  

The 8th Annual Community Bridge Walk saw hundreds of teachers, parents, and students walk from The Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House over the causeway which stretches from Manahawkin to Long Beach Island (NJ).  A community hero is chosen each year to lead the walk.  In 2017, Jetty Ambassador and professional surfer Randy Townsend graciously led the way.  The event’s simple goal to bring out the masses in support of (5) area schools produced $6,000.

Environment - The Oyster Farmers is a feature length documentary, funded by the Jetty Rock Foundation, which centers on coastal life in NJ.  It premiered on June 6th at The Lighthouse International Film Festival and continued to screen throughout NJ through the Summer.  The film now looks to extend its message of oyster farming and clean water further by screening in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and at multiple film festivals.  The message hit home strongly with Jetty and became the impetus for their Oyster Recycling Program which operates year-round in and around Long Beach Island.  Restaurant goers are urged to deposit oyster shells into table top buckets, which are then picked up by Long Beach Township, and stored at Parson's Seafood.  After 6 months to one year of curing, these shells will be dumped onto a man-made reef where Parsons and Stockton University have secured a research lease in the Barnegat Bay.  More than 90% of the world's oyster reefs have been decimated, and with the oyster's role in the environment, Jetty is committed to restoring its population.  In excess of $20,000 was donated toward the Oyster Recycling Program in 2017, and Jetty is preparing a Public Service announcement this Fall to generate additional support.

About Jetty

Jetty is an East Coast based lifestyle apparel company committed to the enrichment of our board-riding community.  As a grassroots movement, Jetty prints and designs unique products inspired by the nautical culture at the heart of our South Jersey roots.  We believe doing good is good business.  Thank you for taking part in our positive movement.  The Jetty brand currently sells in 150+ retailers in North America and Canada.  The Jetty Flagship Store, Jetty Ink printing division, and Jetty Rock Foundation are all headquartered at 509 N. Main St., Unit #3, Manahawkin, NJ 08050.  Please feel free to contact Jetty for further information regarding the company.

About Jetty Rock Foundation

The Jetty Rock Foundation is an approved 501(C)3 Charitable Organization and the nonprofit arm of the Jetty brand.  It was formed in 2013 in the wake of Superstorm Sandy when Jetty raised considerable funds through the Unite + Rebuild campaign.  The JRF continues to raise funds through Hop Sauce Festival, other events, and private donations.  The mission of the Jetty Rock Foundation is to enhance business, arts, culture, and the environment for the future leaders of our community.



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