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CIT: West Coast team featured in Fashion Manuscript.
FSG LAWYERS: Represented Loomworks Apparel (P.J. Salvage) on its acquisiton by Delta Galil.

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Tiffany Montgomery
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Action sports performance wear company launches

By Press Releases
August 11, 2011 8:28 AM

Press Release:




Local industry veterans enter the Orange County market of performance apparel, meeting the needs of the action sport athlete and retailer.


Huntington Beach, CA – August 2011 — Being deemed “the innovative performance apparel experts,” Virus Action Sport Performance today announced the launch of their brand-new, Orange County based company, offering a new era of cutting edge fabric technology and performance wear for the action sport athlete. VIRUS is set to officially debut on August 22, 2011 at the Magic Marketplace Retail Convention in Las Vegas.


“This launch represents a progressive approach to action sport apparel in Orange County. After much research, we were hard pressed to find performance apparel being offered,” said Russell Stone, co-founder of VIRUS Action Sport Performance.


“Well-known industry titans appeared to have thriving businesses catering to the ‘team sports’ market, while they were lacking doing the same for the ‘individual action sport’ athlete – and as a result, in October 2010, VIRUS Action Sport Performance was born.”


Their team of local industry veterans, whose background is primarily in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), saw an opportunity in the growing number of mergers and sell-offs within the local action sport apparel market to make newly available athletes and industry experts to work with the brand.


With the goal of offering the best in fabric, fabrication and design, VIRUS sought out to create gear that caters specifically to athletes who strive for the best in training and performance.


Stone, who was a pioneering force behind the creation of VIRUS, indicated that they want to take this industry to the next level in performance wear.


“We are ground-breaking and pushing the limits in our offerings for these athletes. Even with the recent mergers and acquisitions of local companies by larger team sports focused companies, we felt that still no one was taking on the task to make innovative performance apparel for their markets as an action sport brand.”


VIRUS has initially developed what mostly consists of compression and base layer pieces that have functional fabrics and fits. With fabrics that aid in cooling, heating and recovery, they have distinctively paired it with patterns that compress, give support and protect for each of their targeted action sport categories.


“We started with the development of product lines for retailers and athletes that are in MX, MMA, skate, snow and water sports and will be unveiling our brand-new Men’s Street Wear at Magic in Las Vegas this August,” said Stone.


“Plus, we are already working on adding more product lines with our unique fabric technology.”


With more than 100 SKU’s and unique box packaging, VIRUS is ready to take on the giants for the good of action sports.


“We hope to bring dollars to Orange County retailers that have seen this category consumed by traditional team sport brands. We will also provide the action sport enthusiast and athlete product they can train and perform in that is designed specifically for their sport,” said Stone.


“We are excited to bring our gear first to the local Orange County marketplace and are confident in our product and company. The feedback so far has been outstanding and we are committed to providing only the best apparel for our athletes,” concluded Stone.


For more information, visit www.VirusIntl.com, find us on Facebook or stop by our booth at the Magic Marketplace Retail Convention in Las Vegas August 22nd through August 24th -- Virus Action Sport Performance Booth # ST20821.



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