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It pertains to my business
It pertains to my business

I’m an avid reader of Shop-Eat-Surf because it’s really the only online newsletter that I have found that is not only industry related, but also because it’s not so “guy-centric.” I find that a lot of the information I read on the site pertains to my business (as a swimwear designer) and keeps me up to date on what other companies and other women in the industry in general are doing which is not only inspiring but also helps me gauge the future direction of my business as well.

I feel privileged to read the Executive Edition because I know I am getting insider industry information before it hits the mainstream media channels. And it’s always good to know what my friends are up to in the industry.

- By Monica Wise, Founder, L*Space
The one, undisputed leader
The one, undisputed leader

It is common knowledge in our industry that there is one undisputed leader in reporting on the topics, businesses and trends that impact all of us the most, and it is shop-eat-surf.com. Their access to those who make our industry happen is second to none, and we value not only the content of their reporting but the editorial thought on what it all means both in the present as well as the future. If we were asked to give a rating, it would be five out of five stars.

- By Craig Levra, CEO, Sport Chalet
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SHACC: Trailblazers in Women's surfing exhibit opens April 25.
ROTH CAPITAL PARTNERS: Zumiez comps exceed estimates.

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Tiffany Montgomery
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Jamie Thomas on Crossroads and ASR partnership

By Tiffany Montgomery
December 07, 2009 1:57 PM

Updated 5:52 p.m. with comments from ASR's Andy Tompkins.

Professional skater and Black Box Distribution founder Jamie Thomas answered some questions today about his Crossroads trade show partnering with ASR.

Why team up with ASR?

With the simple goal of creating the best possible retail show for the skate industry. We're constantly trying to figure out how we can make the show better. We feel that teaming up with ASR on the same dates as their event across the street from the convention center will be more convenient and accessible for exhibitors and retailers.

Why hold it in the parking lot at Petco?

Being outdoors is part of what makes Crossroads feel the way it does, there are few rules and it's self policing. Petco is close by ASR and the parking lot is smooth with plenty of room for a street course, so it's the best case scenario.

Is this a long term deal?

We've agreed to work with ASR for the February and August shows for consistency sake, but I want to make sure all the exhibitors and retailers feel good about the partnership before we agree to anything outside of 2010.

Why not hold it at the Convention Center?

Crossroads is a skate show and no matter how you slice it, it feels more like skateboarding in a parking lot. The goal is for everyone attending to feel comfortable like it's their show.

What do you think about The Berrics partnering with Agenda?

It's cool the skate industry is finally getting so much support, and in the end the retailers win and that's the way it should be.

Editor's note: Here are some comments from Andy Tompkins of ASR regarding the deal with Crossroads.

Do you hope this will bring skate brands back to ASR?

Crossroads has established itself as the global event with the most definitive collection of relevant skate brands, so by co-locating Crossroads with ASR retailers will be able to see a complete selection of skate, along with surf and fashion brands all in the same location.

Would he prefer to have Crossroads in the Convention Center?

One of the most important aspects of this partnership is to remain true to the environment and vibe that Crossroads has created, and over the last two years Crossroads has established this in an outdoor setting. So it is important to continue the outdoor aspect of Crossroads and co-locating with ASR just adds retail buying power to the Crossroads event without taking away from its unique atmosphere. We both feel it is important not to change anything that has worked so well at Crossroads so the focus is on adding to the experience.

Is it a good counterpoint to Agenda's move with The Berrics?

We completely respect what The Berrics is doing with Agenda and are excited to see the skate category getting so much attention. But we also feel that Crossroads is a unique event that has provided a platform for the skate industry to conduct business in a manner that no other event producer has been able to accomplish.


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